Seven Knights 2 introduces Bullet Dancer Colt in latest update alongside numerous events

Seven Knights 2 introduces Bullet Dancer Colt in latest update alongside numerous events

Netmarble is back with its monthly update for the popular mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2, making it the second one in May after the previous 1.5-anniversary celebration patch. This one is no different and introduces new content in the form of a Legendary+ Hero, costumes, and a number of limited-time missions.

Bullet Dancer Colt joins Seven Knights 2’s roster as the newest ranged-type hero. While she is an excellent damage dealer like most characters, where Colt shines is in her ability to avoid status effects. When disabled, she can remove all debuffs as well as grant stealth and damage immunity to herself.

Furthermore, Colt’s skill gives her higher evade stats. Her ultimate skill is one to look out for because it has Colt teleport next to an opponent whose defence is ignored and they are inflicted with tremendous damage. And it’s not just one, but all enemies in a straight line who are affected equally.

There are a couple of events revolving around Colt that players can participate in. Dance with Colt, Shoot & Loot, which runs until June 7th, grants players Lucky Star Bullets which can be exchanged for Mythic Upgrade Stones, Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, Pet Fragment Chest+, Light Crystal, and Punky Star Coins.

Summoners will benefit from the Lucky & Punky! Summon with Colt Event, which awards players with Punky Pet Coins every time they summon anything. The rewards list includes Pet Step Up Summon Tickets, Rubies, Legendary+ Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, and Colt’s Punky Chests. If that isn’t enough, these Seven Knights 2 coupon codes should make up for it.

The Lucky & Punky event series continues with Punky Star Coins on offer in the Coin Shop event. This one and the Check-in events run until June 14th, giving away loads of rewards and freebies to everyone.

Add Colt to your squad by downloading Seven Knights 2 for free using your preferred link below.

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