Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) Goes Live On CEX Platforms – Here’s How to Buy Now!

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) Goes Live On CEX Platforms – Here’s How to Buy Now!

While 2022 was a year of reds and downfalls for the crypto industry, 2023 can be called a new beginning for the overall crypto market. When this is true, the other side of the market has also seen a rise in potential crypto projects that have done phenomenally in their presale phases and the one worth mentioning among them is Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG). From the start of its presale, MEMAG has gathered a huge following among the crypto gaming community that reflected in raising a whopping $4.97 million funds in the presale round. 

The success of the presale led to the first listings of the token that took place on the 1st of March. Meta Masters Guild, thanks to the presale result has now earned the epithet of the best P2E crypto of 2023. There is no doubt that the presale has heightened the buzz that has been going over the token since its early presale days. Now, with the CEX listings on and Uniswap, let’s look at the future potential of MEMAG and how you can buy the token now. 

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

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MEMAG CEX listing after the presale success 

The previous few months have seen investors bustling to get as many MEMAG coins as they could, making Meta Masters Guild one of the most celebrated presales of recent times. The cutting-edge gaming platform, which set new standards for the industry and provided amazing features to its customers, grabbed the attention of many experts as the greatest P2E crypto on the market.

Coming to the CEX/DEX listing, will host the initial Meta Masters Guild listing. MEMAG went live on  March 1 at 10:00 UTC on where traders got the option to trade MEMAG right away. There is no denying that early investors will be closely monitoring it to calculate their precise ROI. However, to top that news, MEMAG is also open to being traded on Uniswap, one of the most popular decentralized exchanges. 

However, according to the Meta Masters Guild team, this is only the beginning as new listings will follow in addition to Uniswap and very soon. MEMAG is all set to release Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World, and Raid NFT, this new advancement certainly rises the hype around MEMAG for the future. 

March 1st also brought another crucial development for all MEMAG owners. This will enable users to claim their tokens by simply linking their cryptocurrency wallets to the Meta Masters Guild website and selecting the “Claim” option. So, if you are wondering how to buy MEMAG after the presale, this is all you need to do. 

While the market is making a buzz on the CEX listing of MEMAG, you must be curious about how these upcoming events will impact the value of the token – whether you have purchased this well-liked play-and-earn cryptocurrency during the presale or you only intend to do so now. To answer that let’s take a brief look at what Meta Masters Guild is all about and what are their plans. 

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Meta Master Guild which runs on its native ERC-20 token, MEMAG, is the first web3 gaming guild that is focused on mobile devices. The project aims in building high-quality mobile games that will have blockchain integrated into them to form a decentralized gaming ecosystem. Where the ecosystem will use $MEMAG, in-game rewards will be given in GEMS that can further be converted into MEMAG. Players, however, may choose to cash out the rewards as well and reinvest in the ecosystem in different ways. 

Meta Masters Guild is designed in such a way that it will fulfill all your gaming needs and offer a broad range of titles – covering popular genres and categories.  The ecosystem of Meta Masters Guild is based on play-to-earn mechanics where the players are offered a chance to earn rewards after successfully completing their favorite games. 

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Meta Masters Guild – The roadmap 

To get a fair idea of the future potential of MEMAG, we can take a look at the roadmap of the Meta Masters Guild. In Q2 2023, the project is aiming to launch Raid NFT game animation along with the expansion of NFT characters across all games. Additionally, MEMAG is up for continuous game development as well as new partnerships with other web3 game developers. 

In Q3 and Q4 2023, the MEMAG team has plans for launching Meta Kart Racers playable demo with community feedback, along with project expansion and bringing new features. 


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As the CEX listing is here, the identical scenario will play out after each previous successful crypto presale. MEMAG’s value will rise right away with the initial listing, and it will continue to rise with each further listing. With MEMAG’s initial listings on and Uniswap, it is safe to assume the value of this currency will undoubtedly increase. While those who grabbed the token in its presale got the best deal, it is not too late for others to witness the exceptional growth of MEMAG and be a part of it. 

So hurry up and grab MEMAG before the price goes up.

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