Eco-crypto C+Charge Raises $3.56M – Under 2 Days Before Presale Ends!

Eco-crypto C+Charge Raises $3.56M – Under 2 Days Before Presale Ends!

Eco-cryptocurrencies have indeed taken the crypto market by storm with their performances. Among these coins is the revolutionary token called C+Charge (CCHG). CCHG is one of the eco-crypto coins that has proven to be a promising investment in the crypto market, as it has crossed the $3.25m threshold in its ongoing presale, which is scheduled to conclude soon. 

This article will focus mainly on why C+Charge will be the best investment for crypto traders, as it has less than 2 days before the presale stage to end.

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What is Eco-crypto?

As its name indicates, Eco-crypto is a type of crypto that has ecological use in the global system. Popularly known as eco-friendly cryptocurrency, it is designed to minimize its effects on the environment and sustain itself. 

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, which expose the earth’s atmosphere to carbon threats and disrupt global well-being, eco-friendly cryptocurrencies do the opposite by creating awareness of these problems and using renewable energy sources to perform their operations.

These eco-crypto coins are helpful to man as it has both financial and ecological purposes. Among these coins, one of the best performers is the C+Charge token.

What is C+Charge?

C+Charge, as stated above, is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency. It is an advanced crypto project promoting alternative solutions for reducing pollution and maintaining a clean and healthy environment using blockchain technology. By offering rewards, C+Charge encourages people to participate in the cleansing process.

To acquire a solution to existing problems for the progress of the industry, C+Charge partnered up with top-ranking organizations in the EV sector. This project also involves creating an advanced peer-to-peer payment system using the C+Charge token (CCHG) as the centrepiece of the ecosystem. 


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C+Charge (CCHG) Token

CCHG is a mutually interchangeable token (a coin that can be used as a medium of exchange) created on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the primary token of the project that drivers can use as a means of payment for charging services performed on the app

The token possesses real-world utility. Users earn just by piling up carbon credits and holding their tokens. CCHG includes the best features from the blockchain, like using smart contracts as the charge on its payment system. It illustrates that customers can have access to their money after performing required tasks like charging and driving.

Crypto experts predict that the project has the potential to see its token increase in great value as it will be listed on major exchanges in the coming months. This forecast has created the eagerness of investors to jump in on the project.

The token launched on the 25th of December, 2022, has performed outstandingly during its presale stage, which has seen the project raise over $3.25m. However, this successful presale is about to end, and the price is set to increase. It is, therefore, advised to join the presale now so you don’t miss out on massive gains when the token goes live.

How to Acquire C+Charge Token

To participate and earn on the C+Charge platform, an investor must possess the C+Charge token, which serves as the local token of the platform. To acquire the token, the following steps are required to be carried out:

  • Setting up a crypto wallet.

A crypto wallet is required for safe-keeping for a first-time investor looking to purchase or own tokens of the C+Charge platform. It serves the same purpose as a physical wallet, with the only difference being that a crypto wallet is meant for storing and saving cryptocurrencies.

Although any crypto wallet can be used, the platform recommends using TrustWallet for customers using mobile devices. In contrast, MetaMask is recommended for customers using a personal computer. These wallets can be downloaded. A strong, dependable password is also advised to be used after creating the wallet to ensure better security.

  • Acquire either ETH or BNB or USDT

To purchase CCHG tokens, either the ETH or BNB or USDT cryptocurrencies are required. These cryptocurrencies are specifically supported by the ecosystem, making them a means of acquiring other cryptocurrencies. Hence C+Charge token can only be purchased after acquiring either of the listed cryptocurrencies. An investor with BTC can exchange their coin for the USDT, enabling them to easily buy other crypto tokens, including the C+Charge token.

  • Linking the crypto wallet to the C+Charge presale

This simple and straightforward process requires visiting the official website of the C+Charge platform and selecting the “connect wallet” option. Further information will be provided asking to choose between the MetaMask or Wallet connect.

  • Buy CCHG tokens

After connecting the wallet to the platform on the website, an order box will be given immediately after the link is established. Input the total amount of tokens to be purchased and confirm the transaction with the crypto wallet provider. A minimum purchase of 1000 CCHG tokens is required to be bought.

  • Claiming the tokens

Tokens bought during the presale stage cannot be used immediately after purchase because tokens bought in the presale stage do not exist yet. In order to claim tokens purchased during the presale, an event called the Token Generation Event would take place after the presale of the token ends. This is where the tokens would be created and available for claim. The token can be claimed by visiting the official website and choosing the “claim” option.

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The presale stage of a new cryptocurrency is known as the fund-raising stage to help the token launch fully into the crypto market and create awareness among new investors looking to invest early in a promising cryptocurrency. It is also the best stage to invest as the price of tokens barely increases. 

The CCHG token, already in its last stage, is best invested as it is about to be listed in the crypto market with only five days left to spare in the presale stage. Given its performance in the presale, the token has a very high potential to increase in value, making the next five days the best time for any interested investor to join the project.

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