Controversial Speaker Matt Walsh Sparks Divided Reaction at UC Berkeley

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Hundreds are expected to watch conservative commentator Matt Walsh take the stage at UC Berkeley Thursday.

The controversial speaker is on campus prompting his documentary “What is a Woman.”

The pundit has long been critical of the trans community and gender fluid policies and this visit also brought mixed opinions on campus. 

His documentary discusses gender identity but the university’s queer and trans community argues the message goes beyond free speech and into hate speech. 

“Its trying to take away from who we are, taking away from our identities,” said Manuel Cisneros, associate students senator for QT+ community.

In the weeks leading up to this visit, Walsh took to Twitter claiming he planned to make the left even more upset by bringing his screening to Berkeley, using past protest of his ongoing college tour to promote his visit.

But those who oppose his messages say there won’t be any protest this time. 


“Our main point of action is to not give him the attention that he wants, not to protest or give him any more footage,” said Cisneros. 

“It has nothing to do with hatred, it has nothing to do with marginalizing a community but it has everything to do with raising up political questions I think everyone should discuss,” said David Chan, president of Berkeley College Republicans. 

The organization invited Walsh to campus for the discussion. They argue that he and other conservative speakers help bring alternative viewpoints to the traditionally liberal university.  

“It’s really important that we have diverse amount of speech, a diverse amount of thought. That is how we grow as a community,” said Chan. 

A controversial conversation that some say is needed and others feel borders on hate speech.