As Horizon MMO rumors continue, fans are in disbelief that it could be a PC and mobile title that skips PS5

As Horizon MMO rumors continue, fans are in disbelief that it could be a PC and mobile title that skips PS5

A fresh set of rumors about the Horizon MMO are making the rounds, and the implication that this could be a mobile and PC-only MMO that skips PS5 has some fans in disbelief.

There’s never been any official confirmation that a Horizon MMO is in development, but since 2022, rumors of a collaboration between Sony and NCSoft on just such a project have been extremely prolific. What we know of the game comes from little more than job listings and insider business reports, but there’s been just enough smoke to make the possibility of fire seem very likely.

Twitter user Kurakasis has posted a roundup of recent information about the MMO, including an NCSoft recruitment ad which (via Google Translate) notes that the company is working on a “next-generation open-world PC/mobile MMORPG through collaboration with famous overseas IP.” That sure sounds like it could be the long-rumored Horizon game, but that whole “PC/mobile” thing is raising some red flags.

“An MMO based on a game that originally came out only on PS but isn’t getting a PS release but instead mobile. Red flags ahoy,” as one Reddit user says. “Yaaaa, PC and Mobile is never a good sign for an MMO. Also NCSoft, not a good sign there either with their output and monetisation/P2W history,” as another puts it. The Twitter responses aren’t much kinder. 

Kurakasis is quick to note that early indications don’t mean that the MMO will never come to PS5 – it just doesn’t seem to be in development right now. Still, there’s a certain level of disbelief that a game based on one of PlayStation’s biggest properties might not even appear on a console. But honestly, that might not be too out of line with Sony’s previously stated push into PC and mobile, and a different type of game could be a push to get non-PlayStation fans interested in Aloy’s adventures.

Separate from the MMO, Horizon developer Guerilla is working on its own multiplayer spin-off. 

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